August 2011 Newsletter

Caring for the Caregiver: The Problem with Promises

Would you ever move your loved one with LBD to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility? Before you answer, read an excerpt from Helen Buell Whitworth and James Whitworth's book, A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia.


The Whitworths explain that a promise to always care for someone with LBD at home may be a promise that you cannot or should not keep. They suggest discussing the future as soon as possible after a loved one's diagnosis with LBD to avoid making promises that you cannot keep. Click here to read the excerpt .

New Drama on Starz Highlights a ‘Mysterious Brain Disease’

Coming this fall, the Starz network will launch its newest drama, "Boss" starring Emmy-winner Kelsey Grammer as the fictitious mayor of Chicago, Tom Kane.  Kane, a ruthless character who has stepped on plenty of toes to get ahead, has a huge secret that only he and his doctor know - that he has a "degenerative brain disorder." 

Could this disease be LBD?  While the teaser doesn't give away any hints and LBDA has no information about the character's symptoms, LBDA has received several requests for resources and materials from the show's production staff. Only time will tell what this mysterious disease is and how it will be portrayed on national television.

The show premieres on October 21, 2011 on Starz. Click here to watch the trailer.

Parkinson’s Diagnostic Imaging Agent Now Available in 80 Hospitals Nationwide

GE Healthcare announced recently the availability of DaTscan™ (Ioflupane I 123 Injection), in more than 80 hospitals across the US. DaTscan is the first FDA-approved radiopharmaceutical adjunct imaging agent to help physicians evaluate patients with suspected parkinsonian syndromes, such as Parkinson's disease (PD).  

In Europe, DaTscan is also approved to help differentiate dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) from Alzheimer's disease. 

Click here to learn how DaTscan aids in diagnosing Parkinson's disease

Jeans with a Twist

Give new meaning to casual Fridays in your office. That's exactly what Bill Conron did with his first fundraising event to benefit the Lewy Body Dementia Association.
As the son of someone with LBD, Bill was determined to organize a fundraiser to benefit the organization. As a working professional with the typical demands of personal life, Bill knew that he didn't have the time to organize a traditional special event such as a road race or golf tournament. Though short on time, his large degree of creativity allowed him to organize a quick and easy fundraiser that raised nearly $2,000-Jeans with a Twist.

In conjunction with his accounting firm, Citron Cooperman, employees were allowed to wear jeans during the work day if they donated $5 or more to a selected charity. This quick and easy fundraiser is a great way to raise awareness as well as funds in your local workplace.

If you are short on time but would like more information about organizing a fundraising event in conjunction with your employer, please contact Eva Bradley at or 404.935.6444 ext. 104.

Personal LBD Story: Facing the Unknown

For many people, getting an illness diagnosed is a first step to getting their questions answered. However, a diagnosis of LBD may bring more questions than answers.

Shelley Hulton shares the story of her father's diagnosis with LBD. Initially thought to be having a stroke, he was discharged from the hospital with a diagnosis of LBD and a list of follow up instructions, but no explanation of what LDB was.  Sound familiar?

Click here to read Shelley's LBD story.