April 2012 Newsletter

LBDA Webinar – Basic Estate Planning: Securing Your Future

Do you know someone who should be thinking about estate planning, but is not sure how to approach it? On April 18, 2012 at noon Eastern time LBDA will hold a free webinar on estate planning with elder law attorney and LBDA board member Miles Hurley.  Learn about the importance of estate planning and how it can help protect assets in the event that long-term care is needed. Register for the webinar today.

LBD Stories – Together Again

There are moments when we feel a pang for connections with a loved one that seem forever lost; then, just as suddenly, we are reminded that those relationships are more enduring than we could have imagined.

Ginnie Horst Burkholder tells us of an afternoon spent with her husband Nelson when the comforting give-and-take of their conversation made her feel like they were together again. Read more of Ginnie's story.

Volunteer Appreciation Week

Since 1974, National Volunteer Week has celebrated the creative contributions and imaginative inspirations of volunteers nationwide. Through the Points of Light Institute and Hands on Network, community organizations will provide coordination, collaboration and resources to recognize volunteers during the week of April 19-25. This year service-based organizations will be “Celebrating People in Action” to honor those who are mobilized and empowered to bring about change through their commitment to volunteerism.

LBDA is proud to recognize the actions of our outstanding volunteers. Like the LBDA Facebook page to share in our celebration of our outstanding volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

Juggling Paid Work and Caregiving?

May of us try to keep our work and personal lives as separate as we can, but this may become difficult if your caregiving responsibilities are increasing.

This article from may help you decide if it is time to talk with your employer about taking a family medical leave, modifying your hours, or just asking for patience and understanding.  One of the most difficult aspects of caregiving is balancing your responsibilities. Read the entire article at

News You Can Use:  Neurology Now Magazine

Neurology Now, the American Academy of Neurology's (AAN) patient-education magazine, covers a wide range of neurologic disorders—including movement disorders and dementia —in a variety of formats: news, personal features, resources, and more.

As a service to the community, AAN makes the publication free to patients, their families and caregivers. Visit to receive your free subscription.