Caregiver Burden in Lewy Body Dementias

Disabling diseases like LBD affect not only the individual diagnosed with the illness, but also caregivers, families, and friends. Caregiver Burden in Lewy Body Dementias provides a quantitative overview of LBD’s impact on caregivers as assessed by a survey. This report includes:

  • Background information on LBD,
  • A description of the survey,
  • Selected survey findings,
  • Discussion of survey results, and
  • Key points for action.

Caregiver Burden in Lewy Body Dementias seeks to accomplish several goals. First, it allows the families and friends of people with LBD to compare their experiences in caring for loved ones with LBD. Second, it provides other interested lay readers, policymakers, and researchers with an overview of LBD and the effect it has on families. Finally, it serves as a blueprint for action to overcome some of the challenges encountered by LBD caregivers.

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