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March 2018 Lewy Digest

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Quote of the Month:
“Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is "timing" it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.”- Fulton J. Sheen


Month of Patience

To keep our 15th Anniversary year going, we have deemed March as the month of patience. Being diagnosed with Lewy body dementia or having a loved one affected by the disease is never easy.  Practicing patience or at least recognizing the need to be more patient and understanding is key.

Patience is about taking time to rationalize situations with yourself and your loved one. Being the first one up to prepare meals, help dress and drive them to appointments, and simply be present is displaying love and patience.

The power of patience starts with you. Donate a little patience to those in need today.

Caregiving Tip:

Spotting Elder Abuse: Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers

From a distance, it can sometimes be difficult to assess the quality of your family member’s caregivers. Stay in touch with your family member by phone and take note of any comments or mood changes that might indicate neglect or mistreatment. Abuse can take many forms, including domestic violence, emotional abuse, financial abuse, theft, and neglect. If you suspect abuse or neglect:

  • Talk to someone who can act on your behalf, possibly your family member’s doctor
  • Contact a home health agency
  • Make a report with adult protective services

Sometimes, older adults may be suffering from self-neglect. Self-neglect describes situations in which older people put themselves at high risk. Here are some signs of self-neglect:

  • Hoarding
  • Poor hygiene
  • Failure to take essential medications or refusal to seek medical treatment for serious illness

Learn more about the sign of elder abuse and how to get help.

Power of Patience

Leo Carver is well versed in lifestyle-based medicine and transformational healing. Leo shared an article on the importance of patience in every area of life. We wanted to recognize him in the area of practicing patience with not only with yourself but with others. “ Cultivating patience with others is an entirely different challenge. Other people are always acting, thinking, and feeling in ways that are potentially disagreeable. When others let you down or irritate you, be patient with them. Gently express love and stillness. Remember that they are growing—just like you—and that life is a process. Whatever issues you may have with another person are more than likely temporary and will undoubtedly change once you let go of your own agenda. What disturbs you now about this person may change and in the next moment you may laugh with them or feel some other positive emotion.“ 

Read More Here

Additional Resources: 

Download your copy of the Diagnosing and Managing Lewy Body Dementia today! Diagnosing and Managing Lewy Body Dementia: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals was written specifically for physicians and allied healthcare professionals. It provides an expansive look at clinical management strategies for LBD. Readers will be introduced to the spectrum of Lewy body dementias, symptoms, treatments, what medications to avoid, guidance for discussing the diagnosis, prognosis, and progression, and the impact of LBD on the family caregiver.
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