LBD Medical Awareness Month | Lewy Body Dementia Association LBDA

LBD Medical Awareness Month

LBD Medical Awareness Month is an opportunity to get the LBD community involved in raising awareness among health care professionals through a grassroots initiative while providing medical resources to the community. Resources include, but are not limited to, symptom identifiers, better treatments for those with LBD and tools for addressing LBD in emergency situations.

How You Can Help

Medical professionals are often unaware of LBD and we need YOUR help in reaching and sharing information with them about the disease. To do this, we've developed an easy step-by-step process for you to follow.

  1. Create a list of health care institutions and professionals in your area or that you have previous knowledge of, and it could be a list with as few as one institution or professional. 
  2. Order your FREE Physician Packet and Publication Sample. *click "add to cart" and "checkout" to order materials up to 3 Physician Packets per order
  3. Wait for delivery of your materials.
  4. Take the materials you ordered to institutions or professionals on your list and provide them with the materials in a civil and helpful manner. 
  5. Feel good about having made an impact in the medical community while raising LBD awareness.
  6. Donate to advance research and medical-related efforts in the LBD community!


How We Can Help

LBDA has many resources for caregivers, those with LBD and health care professionals that may help you on this winding path. All resources provided are free.

  1. LBD Medical Alert Wallet Card - Many health care professionals are trained in seeking medical information via wallet cards. Order your FREE LBD Medical Alert Wallet Card by clicking the link.
  2. Emergency Room Treatment of Psychosis - This publication is for medical professionals to identify and safely treat psychosis in LBD in emergency situations. Click the link to learn more.
  3. Treatment of Behavioral Symptoms - This publication is for recognizing when to treat and how to treat behavioral symptoms in LBD. Click the link to learn more.
  4. Understanding Behavioral Changes - We may not always understand why those with LBD act the way they sometimes do, that is why LBDA has developed this publication for understanding behavioral changes.
  5. Comprehensive Symptoms Checklist - Use this checklist to report new or concerning symptoms to your physician.
  6. Medications Glossary - This publication is helpful in discussing the risks and benefits of certain medications with health care providers.
  7. Research Studies and Clinical Trials - Clinical trials and research studies help scientists and researchers learn more about LBD and potential treatments of the disorder. Research studies and clinical trials are available for both caregivers and those with LBD.