Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show the world what Mom means to you. Many moms are/were affected by Lewy body dementia (LBD), and this is the perfect time of year to show how Mom has affected you.

Show Mom Some Love

If you are looking for that perfect gift or a way to honor Mom this Mother’s Day, consider creating an honor/tribute design that will be shared with LBDA’s 30,000 Facebook followers. The design steps are simple and take no more than 3 minutes to make.

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REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin and His Tribute to His Mother

REO Speedwagon’s frontman, Kevin Cronin, was impacted by LBD when his mom was diagnosed. After her passing, he is using his stardom to shine a spotlight on the disease while honoring his mom, who was affectionately referred to a “Rock Mother” by the band.

View his touching PSA and a performance of his mother’s favorite REO Speedwagon song, ‘Time for Me to Fly’.

Stories of Mom

Unfortunately, LBD has affected mothers across the U.S. and the globe. LBDA shares two stories from a mom’s perspective and a daughter’s perspective on the impact of LBD on their lives.

Lillian O’Connor shared her experience living with LBD. She is a mother and her diagnosis had quite an impact on her son, who insisted she seek a second opinion.

Read Lillian’s story here.

Bonnie Roache spoke with LBDA and shared her mother’s story in 2020. As the New Year was starting, her mother, Mary Alice, passed away. Bonnie shares the touching story of her mother.

Read Bonnie’s story here.

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If you do not wish to create a Mother’s Day honor/tribute design, you can always make a donation to LBDA. Your generosity will help advance research, advocacy, and support for all the moms and their families affected by Lewy body dementia.

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