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Essays on LBD Caregiving

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We stayed in Larrabee State Park two nights. It was absolutely beautiful. We talked with the rangers and the park hosts. We walked on the roads. Bill only takes short walks.

The M/V Malaspina is the oldest ferry in the Alaskan Marine Highway Fleet. It was built in 1963. We were on the Malaspina approximately 64 hours. We had a four berth cabin with facilities. Just enough room for us.

We caught the ferry in Whittier, Alaska, about 60 miles from Anchorage. We traveled to Juneau, where we changed from the M/V Kennicott, the newest ferry in the fleet of the Alaska Marine Highway, to the M/V Malaspina, the oldest ferry in the fleet.

Yes, we were still in Alaska on May 24, 2006. Alaska is absolutely gorgeous. We had the motor home parked in our daughter’s driveway in Anchorage. Laura and Joe have four children–Jesse, 12, Jacob 10, Jolie 7, and Jordan 5 (she turns 6 in June).

I met Bill in December 1962. I was new in town. I had been going to church since moving to Idaho, after I graduated from High School in Salem, Oregon.

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