Find Support

If you’re new to caregiving or experienced with providing for your loved one, we hope you find something here to utilize and inspire. We also invite you to explore LBDA Publications, the additional resources section and a list of relevant books on LBD and dementia caregiving.

To get started, read this article on Dementia Care by Tanis J. Ferman, Ph.D, and colleagues  which provides caregiver tips on communicating, routines, wandering, aggression, exercise, sleep, moving day, scheduling home help, caregiver stress, and support groups.

Support Groups provide the opportunity to educate, encourage, and connect family caregivers to a community and each other. 
Support is just a click away when you connect with others in an online community.
You are not alone. Experienced LBD caregiver volunteers are available by telephone to listen compassionately and confidentially during life's challenging times.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Help us bring LBD out of the shadows by telling the world a story about life with LBD. Put a face on LBD by including a picture too!