Volunteer Corner September 2014

A Volunteer’s Challenge To YOU! My name is Christi Wright and I am currently a volunteer for LBDA. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started me thinking about ways I can get involved to help the organization spread awareness of LBD. You may have noticed my recent Tweet on answering the question: "LEWY WHO?" I challenge you to educate yourself and others, help spread awareness, and donate. Now pass along the link to LEWY WHO? campaign site to at least three of your friends or acquaintances, until everyone knows Lewy! The 2014 Awareness Movement is kicking off soon, but we can start helping the cause right now.

LBDA Welcomes A New Volunteer! Lynda Carpenter is the newest member of the support group network. She will facilitate a group in Southern California. For information on support groups, please visit our website at DID YOU KNOW our LBD support groups provide free, confidential support in a group setting to anyone affected by LBD. The support groups in our network are facilitated by trained volunteers and welcome those living with LBD and those who care for them. If you are you interested in starting a group to support more LBD families, contact Toy Scaife-Rooks Volunteer and Family Services Coordinator at 404.549.4248 or via email at

LBDA Forum: Have you ever visited the LBDA Forum? The forum is a service provided by LBDA covering a wide range of topics, including the differences in diagnosis and treatment of LBD in comparison to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Forum participants gain from the experiences of others. Participants can share the anguish of how a spouse or parent can be encouraged to give up driving and they benefit from pep talks about the importance of caregivers taking care of their own mental and physical health. The forum community shares openly and honestly, for the benefit of loved ones and caregivers alike. “The LBDA forum is a resource I wish I had found before losing my Dad to LBD several months ago,” said Molly Kimball, LBDA forum moderator. “As a moderator, I am both giving back to LBDA and also benefiting from reading the experiences of others. I am also grateful to have the ability to help those who are still struggling with this terrible disease.” For more information on the forums or to join, please visit: