Press Releases

The Lewy Body Dementia Association (LBDA) mourns the passing of a special friend, Dorothy “Dottie” Mangurian.  The inspiration for the Harry T. Mangurian Jr. Foundation’s visionary commitment to the cause of Lewy body dementia (LBD), she died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 28, 2015 after a 15-year battle with LBD. 

The sad news of hockey legend Stan Mikita’s illness has brought unexpected visibility to a disease unfamiliar to many people. The Lewy Body Dementia Association offers its support to the family, friends and fans of Stan Mikita. Mr. Mikita’s family announced today he has been diagnosed with suspected Lewy body dementia (LBD), one of the most debilitating forms of dementia. LBD affects 1.4 million Americans. 

ATLANTA (December 19, 2014) — Lewy body dementia (LBD) — a complex, challenging and surprisingly common brain disease — is often misdiagnosed as its “cousin,” Alzheimer’s disease.  And that could lead to devastating results.

ATLANTA (November 25, 2014) The recent news that the brain of actor/comedian Robin Williams showed signs of diffuse Lewy body disease has created more interest and coverage in this widely under-diagnosed condition than ever before. However, it can be difficult for the lay person to understand this complicated disease, and the Lewy Body Dementia Association offers information to clarify the confusion.