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  2. Miss Arkansas Contestant Promotes LBD Awareness
  3. Lewy Body Pathology – Not the First Problem of Parkinson’s?
  4. Dad’s Not All There Anymore by Alex Demetris, “Louie What?”
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  4. Signs of Elder Abuse: 5 Red Flags That Could Signal Neglect, Mistreatment, or Abuse
  5. "Dad's Not All There Anymore" by Alex Demetris, "Louie What?"
  6. News You Can Use: First Appropriate Use Guidelines Published for Brain Anyloid Imaging in Alzheimer's
  1. Happy 10th Anniversary LBDA
  2. LBD Story: Finding Us
  3. Capgras Syndrome in DLB Associated with Anxiety and Hallucinations
  4. Dad’s Not All There Anymore by Alex Demetris, “Louie What?”
  5. Tax Breaks for Dementia
  6. How to Fire Mom's Doctor, or Get a Second Opinion
  1. 2012 Volunteer of the Year: Jason Rubin
  2. LBD Story: Unexpected Benefits of Speech Therapy
  3. Research Update: Cell to Cell Transmission Confirmed in Lewy Body Disease
  4. Caregivers Neglect Their Own Health in Order to Look After Others
  5. Caregiver Corner:  Caregiving Requires Facing Reality
  6. "Alzheimer Gene" Increases Risk of Lewy Body Dementias