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  1. LBDA Attends American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Conference
  2. Miss Arkansas Contestant Promotes LBD Awareness
  3. Lewy Body Pathology – Not the First Problem of Parkinson’s?
  4. Dad’s Not All There Anymore by Alex Demetris, “Louie What?”
  5. Early Visual Hallucinations Greatly Increase Odds of LBD Over Alzheimer’s
  6. Five Caregiving Tips for Lewy Body Dementia
  1. LBDA Attends Parkinson's Forum in Washington, DC
  2. New LBD Book Excerpt: Bedroom: Clear Out and Organize
  3. How Do I Find an LBD Doctor?
  4. Signs of Elder Abuse: 5 Red Flags That Could Signal Neglect, Mistreatment, or Abuse
  5. "Dad's Not All There Anymore" by Alex Demetris, "Louie What?"
  6. News You Can Use: First Appropriate Use Guidelines Published for Brain Anyloid Imaging in Alzheimer's
  1. Happy 10th Anniversary LBDA
  2. LBD Story: Finding Us
  3. Capgras Syndrome in DLB Associated with Anxiety and Hallucinations
  4. Dad’s Not All There Anymore by Alex Demetris, “Louie What?”
  5. Tax Breaks for Dementia
  6. How to Fire Mom's Doctor, or Get a Second Opinion
  1. 2012 Volunteer of the Year: Jason Rubin
  2. LBD Story: Unexpected Benefits of Speech Therapy
  3. Research Update: Cell to Cell Transmission Confirmed in Lewy Body Disease
  4. Caregivers Neglect Their Own Health in Order to Look After Others
  5. Caregiver Corner:  Caregiving Requires Facing Reality
  6. "Alzheimer Gene" Increases Risk of Lewy Body Dementias
  1. Angela Herron: Stepping Forward for Those Who Can't
  2. Georgia Gives Day, December 6, 2012
  3. Research Advances: Pathologic and Genetic Associations with Dementia in Parkinson's
  4. Caregiving and the Holidays: From Stress to Success
  5. Genetic Mutation Increases Risk for Dementia in Lewy Body Diseases
  1. "Finding Hope in the Midst of Despair: My Decade with Parkinson's Disease and Lewy Body Dementia," by Dr. Thomas Grayboys
  2. Georgia Gives Day, December 6, 2012
  3. From "Be Brave: A Wife’s Journey Through Caregiving," by Florrie Munat (unpublished) Excerpt from Chapter 4: “That’s Echolalia”
  4. Chronic Pain Management in People With Dementia Complicate By Carol Bradley Bursack, Health Guide
  5. Celebrate National Memory Screening Day
  1. Standing Strong with LBDA: Stepping Forward for Those Who Can't
  2. Get Ready, Get Set, Go! LBDA Awareness Month Gets a Running Start
  3. Webinar: Molecular Imaging of Lewy Body Dementia
  4. AAN 2013 Neuro Film Festival Call For Entries
  5. Caregiver’s Voice LBD Caregiver of the Month
  6. New insights into post-operative cognitive decline
  1. 46 States and Counting — Help Us Reach 50!
  2. LBDA and Arbor Terrace Team Up in Atlanta
  3. LBDA Webinar: Molecular Imaging of Lewy Body Dementia
  4. Webinar: How to Pull Yourself Together When Things are Falling Apart
  5. News You Can Use: Older Driver Topics Now Available
  6. Meet LBDA's New Director of Development
  7. President's "First Hundred Days in Office" Should Include Plans for Promoting Medical Progress
  8. Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease Your Easy-to-Use Guide from the National Institute on Aging
  1. Starz "Boss" Kelsey Grammer Creates Public Service Announcement for LBDA
  2. LBDA Webinar: Improving Oral Health by Managing Care-Resistant Behavior with Persons with LBD
  3. New LBD Book: "Relentless Goodbye" by Ginnie Horst Burkholder
  4. Risk Factors Identified for REM Sleep Behavior Disorder
  5. Recent Studies Demonstrate Benefits of Cholinesterase Inhibitors in DLB
  6. Meet LBDA's New Volunteer and Programs Coordinator
  7. LBD Caregiver of the Month
  1. Request for Proposals: LBD Biomarker Pilot Grant
  2. LBD Story: Water with a Twist of Lemon
  3. Standing Strong with LBDA this October for LBD Awareness Month
  4. Ten Great Reasons to Volunteer
  5. NEW LBD Book: Treasures in the Darkness by Pat Snyder
  6. Webinar: Reducing the Negative Impact of Negative People – for Caregivers
  7. Community Resource Finder