Letters to the Editor - September 2014

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on articles appearing in our monthly e-newsletter. The following is feedback on content from the July and August 2014 issues.

“Last week, I spent two days at the closest city at a seminar run by Alzheimer Australia for caregivers of dementia sufferers. My partner was diagnosed with LBD in February of this year, so it’s all pretty new and overwhelming. I had printed several articles from your July newsletter to read in depth while attending the seminar. The seminar leader wanted my copies, and several people took your web address. Articles like those you included related to the caregiver’s health and possible reduced life expectancy were of real interest to everyone. So, you’re spreading your information and support far and wide. Thank you for your efforts.” – Paula J, Queensland, Australia

RE: Caregiver Balance: Learning the Hard Way

“The only thing I can say to everyone is this: Please have autopsies done on your loved ones. Donate their brains to science so we can find a cause for this horrible disease. The doctors can't find a cure, if they can't study the brain. My mother did EEGs for a living. She ended up with LBD. Thanks heaven she had told me long ago to donate her body to science, so it could help physicians learn more. Her brain was accepted by a physician at a medical center in Galveston, Texas, who was conducting research on brains. Hopefully, his findings will impact further research that will ultimately result in a cure for LBD.” - Wanda J, Conroe, Texas

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