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 Medication for Drooling 
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More than likely he has biting his tongue or the inside of lip, if is fresh blood not dark in color than that would be from his mouth.If he is coughing alot it could be from the throat area also. Before his Doctor appointment is it possible to e-mail the Dr and inform him of your concerns this way it won't upset your Husband so much.

Sat Nov 03, 2007 12:07 pm

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Post ipratropium bromide spray - Atrovent Nasal Spray
"This recently published abstract is about ipratropium bromide spray under the tongue to treat drooling. (Brand name is Atrovent Nasal Spray.)"

The above was mentioned in this TOPIC a long time ago.

My dad is having increased cognitive problems as if he is on some kind of allergy medication -- I could not find anything specific that was added and then I came across this medications which was on a different listing because it was a "nasal spray"
This was added in the past several weeks -as a nasal spray twice a day in each nostril so that would be 4 doses at a time 4 x .03 (or however large each spray is depending on the nurse)
It was prescribed to dry up a chronic runny fluid from the nose.

His nose has been dry for weeks now for the first time in about 2 years but could this be causing his bad cognition. He used to have mostly good days and then some bad days. Now he has no good days. I keep feeling like they are drugging him,,, could this be it?

They are going to think I am completely nuts if I call and ask them to take him off this. They already don't believe in his sensitivity to drugs and I have not gotten an LBD diagnosis yet AND the VA Nursing home doctor thinks LBD and all other dementias are treated the same.

Has anyone else had experience with - ipratropium bromide spray Atrovent? I only found it listing this one time in the search on Treatments on this site.

Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:33 am

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Your instincts are absolutely right. If something placed under the tongue treats drooling, it is anticholinergic and should be avoided in people with a cholinergic deficit (as in LBD or AD).


Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:12 pm

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Post Re: Medication for Drooling
In reading the dates of these past posts... there seems to not have been much advancement in treatment.
My current concern...I am caring for a man with LBD..and he is having chronic problem with oral secretions, along with inability to swallow. This presents with shortness of breath and a chronic cough, trying to rid the secretions from causing an aspiration pneumonia.
Any suggestions ?
LBD is such a terrible disease. Just when you think it has caused enough damage...along comes another problem..
Good luck to all affected by this horrific disease. And may God bless us all.

Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:14 pm

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Post Re: Medication for Drooling
I'm aware of nothing beyond what's been mentioned in this thread.

Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:25 pm

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Post Re: Medication for Drooling
My husband used to drool and sweat a brownish stain on everything and it was apparently from the Stalevo, his PD med. He is taking the same amount now but his drool is clear now. Not sure why--perhaps his body adjusting to it. But it's a common side effect. It stains the urine, too.

Pat [68] married to Derek [84] for 38 years; husband dx PDD/LBD 2005, probably began 2002 or earlier; late stage and in a SNF as of January 2011. Hospitalized 11/2/2013 and discharged to home Hospice. Passed away at home on 11/9/2013.

Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:29 pm

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Post Re: Medication for Drooling
Frank had botox injections three different times, didn't help with the drool and it was such a struggle to get into Boston I decided not to try again. Good Luck and let us know if you hear of anything.

Gerry 67, cared for Frank 71, married 49 yrs; dx 2004, passed away October 26, 2011.

Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:28 am

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Post Re: Medication for Drooling
I had been asking the same question and from what I gather there are meds for the "last resort" My LO is in final stages, cannot walk, verbalize etc. The hospice folks suggested scopolamine patch. I was very resistant and worried because they are anticolingeric (sp?) Anyway, long story short, he was coughing so badly, clearly in distress, that I gave in. He has been on the patch for 2 days. Absolutely no secretions but I do see the side effects. He is much more excitable....was actually hoping for drowsy. Hallucinating more. Also, extremely thirsty, biting his top lip, drank a ton last night. His lean has gotten really horrible, could hardly sit up in his recliner last night. I did try the atropine drops first, but the faciity is not great about using them...same side effects but only last 4-6 hours. I have Hospice watching closely....if he becomes unmanageable I will d/c the patch. From what I understand the side effects are reversible. Hope this helps...I really think it matters how far along you LO is with the disease.

Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:55 am
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