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 Premarin online without prescription 
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Post Premarin online without prescription
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Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:22 am

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Post Sleeping during the day

The one suggestion I have is that my husband takes Provigil during
the day to keep him awake. Ask the doctor about this to see if it would
be OK. I would only get a 1 week prescription if your doctor approves,
so that you can try it out.

A lot of what else you say sounds like normal progression of the
disease. Is she taking anything like Aricept or Namenda? Be sure,
if she has LBD, she is not taking taking the normal drugs that are
prescribed for Parkinsons. A lot of those drugs cause more mental

I am also deferring to the other members of the group to give you more
thorough answers.


Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:35 am

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Post thanks, yes I was hoping for a lot of suggestions....
She has Aricept, and three meds to control edema, and related issues: Toprol, Nifedical, Triamterene. No other meds

Wed Nov 08, 2006 1:09 am
This is about how much activity is best for Mom. I take her to Adult Daycare usually Mon, Wed, Fri. It is for 4hours. Sat we go to cheer on my son at athletic events. Somehow she understands what we are doing there and cheers him on, although she gets confused and says she wishes she could participate too. We used to go shopping and she would walk around the store with me, but now she says she wants to watch people while she sits in the car and I go shop. Activities make her really tired and she likes to nap afterward. That seems the right thing at that time. Sleeping the other days is the problem.

Mom sleeps well at night, but sometimes she also will sleep most of the day if we do not wake her. The huge amount of rest makes her more pleasant to be around. However, I feel like she is missing the last bit of life she can have. So my question is: do I wake her and make her get out of bed, do things, and have her have a life which she will not remember in 5 minutes, or just wake her enough to make sure she has food, goes to the toilet, and gets a shower everyday?

Just so you know, she does not know how to take a shower, or tie her shoes, or when to put clothes on.... she can not concentrate on food some days and has to be encouraged to eat. Given her own choices she would drink beer and eat chips and pizza. That was never her pattern when I was growing up.

She was a great artist who did not get the business end of art so did not sell much, but now she seems to have very little desire to draw or paint. OTOH she can tell you how much you save off a price given that there is a percent off sale: 20% off $9.00 is $1.80. She never could do much more math than that, but that part still is sharp as a tack.

She used to be quite athletic. Now she struggles and her walk is definitely neurologically challenged- kinda shuffling and distracted. It is a challenge to even take her to Adult Daycare. Even though she wants to go, she can't seem to get it together without us literally managing each step of the process. She loses attention every other step and she told me she wants me to "pull her" there. So I hold her hand and keep pressure in the direction across the parking lot. For other people it looks like I am DRAGGING her there. She seems happy that it is not difficult to think about getting to the building and the distractions are managed by the pull and the high speed. High for her, for me it is would be painfully slow if I did not understand that she wants to go faster, but she does not know how anymore without help.

Her ability to understand who is who is wildly flucuating. She will not know me (her son) then in the next minute remember everyone's name and how they are connected to her.... even if she just met them last week for 5 minutes.

She never was much of a reader, she liked looking at pictures in magazines; never was much of a TV person, now I can get her to watch a movie sometimes, but she keeps asking "do you know what is going on?" so it has to be kind of a simple movie and not too scary; she seems to enjoy the hallucinations she has, perhaps she always had them and that is what made her a good artist, but now the inhibitions are gone so her lets us know when the elephants are in the garden or that worms are in our hair, or what ever.... seems amusing to her not scary. When awake she seems to prefer just looking out the window. What can I do to engage her in something, anything?

Thanks for reading......... any suggestions?

Hi Dan,
Welcome to the LBD forums, sorry that you have to be here but I am glad we are here for each other.
You speak of you Mother's ability to do many different things in the past well I am sorry to say she is no longer able to control anything thanks to a thing called Lewy, it takes our loved ones and turns them into something that is very hard to understand, I often think of LBD as a switch that they just can't switch over at will anymore and they seem to come in and out of it and thats why sometimes everything seems ok, some of the things I did with my husband was I would bring out the picture albums and we would spend time looking over them and he could almost always recite who was in the pictures and another thing I did was I would ask him to cut all the coupons out for me it would take him hours but it was better than him sleeping the day away, I think routine is very important in their lives , its ok for your Mom to rest during the day but if you get a routine with her and get her up for baths and meals and things that you plan I think it gives them more quality of life. When she is looking out the window talk to her about what she is looking at or maybe what she is thinking about and maybe you can get her interested in some conversation.
I wish you well and do come back often, there is always someone around to answer question.

Wed Nov 08, 2006 8:31 pm

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Post sleeping during the day.... etc
Thanks for the answers. Kinda confirms what I feel abt the situation.

Today I asked Mom whether she thought it was good to sleep all day and whether she wanted to ask the doctor for medicine that would keep her awake during the day.... She said "seems like that might be good". So then I asked her what she would like to do while she was awake and she gave me the same answer that she has given anytime I asked what she wanted to do... "I don't know.... I'm not interested in anything".

I don't see any emoticons with huge, crossed eyes and smoke coming out of the top of the head .... that is the way I feel when she says that. . . but I just say OK, that's interesting.

Thu Nov 09, 2006 3:52 am
hi Dan ,
I guess I should have mentioned choices aren't a good thing for LBD patients. I wouldn't ask her what she wants to, do just do it and see if you can gain her intrests in what ever it is, emotions is something they aren't capable of. You know when you talk to someone not of LBD how if you say something of interest to them they express it in the face well LBD patients can't do that they lose their facial expression. that same thing is happening in their mind, so very sad I think. think of it this way what you see happening on the outside is also happening on the inside!
I wish you well!

Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:07 am

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Post sleeping....
I keep giving choices and probably will as long as I can because sometimes Mom gets that there is a choice and appreciates this. The rest of the time you are absolutely correct. The very idea of choice is wasted, and confusing. It is a balance. The words to Tom Dundee's "Delicate Balance" are always on the wall above my computer monitor......... Many other songs by Reilly and Maloney come to mind........


Thu Nov 09, 2006 1:30 pm

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Post Choices
Dan, This is just a suggestion. What I have learned to do with my
husband is the same thing I do with my very young grandchildren.
When giving a choice, don't make it more than 2 choices. More than
that causes too much thinking and confusion.


Fri Nov 10, 2006 5:02 pm

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A trick I learned in an Alzheimer's book (sorry, can't remember which one) is to give 2 choices, being sure to give the one you want them to choose as the last one. Example: if you have a blue shirt ready for your LO to put on, ask: do you want to wear the red shirt or the blue shirt? Most often they will choose the last thing they hear, but offering a choice makes them feel just a tad more in control.


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Tue Dec 19, 2006 4:47 pm

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Danb, when my mother in law came to live with us my mom and i got Jackie on a good schedule. she would wake up around 8 have breakfast and stay up and watch some tv then take a good nap till about 11. have some lunch maybe even go out for lunch with us come home and take a nap till about dinner time. go to bed about 8pm. as time went on now she sleeps most of the day and only gets up to eat and go to the bathroom, shower. I also feel like she is just sleeping away her life. even if we try and wake her up she will go back to sleep in the living room..
Jackie was on Namendo and did not do well at all halluncinations were terrible.
I am amazed how fast Jackie has gone down hill just since Christmas. I think alot had to do with her taking PD meds. I am afraid to try any new meds thinking it will really make her quality of life even worse.

Fri Jan 26, 2007 9:34 pm
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