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 Another Day - Another delusion 
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Post Re: Another Day - Another delusion
I'm also grasping at straws, but there is a woman at my mom's SNF who is always worried about "the baby." They are using Baby Doll Therapy with her. It's exactly what it sounds like. She has a baby doll that she can carry around and take care of. It calms her and she worries less. Sometimes, she'll even let someone else take care of "the baby." Others carry around stuffed animals, which seems to calm them. But ask your mom's doctor about the baby doll and whether it is worth trying. Most of the online dementia stores carry dolls for this kind of therapy. I know the Alzheimers store ( has a very lifelike baby doll.

Good luck.

(something to think about - if your mom's fears are reaching the point at which they are seriously disrupting the family, it may be time to look at alternative care situations.)


Kate [i](Cared for Mom for years before anyone else noticed the symptoms, but the last year of her life was rough and we needed to place her in an SNF, where she passed in February 2012)[/i]

Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:33 am

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Post Re: Another Day - Another delusion

over at the alz store is those business cards to hand out to 'clue' people in that the person standing in front of them is appearing in some strange fashion….

but in reality….is only one way…..


once others know this….it is their problem….

this is from a patient that is dealing with this on a daily basis, way too close to home…..

please only take this for what it is worth to you….

As a patient….me….
I am sick…
Once you know this…..
Does it change that I am sick?
What is the only thing that can change?…..others…
Will they? ….let me tell you….this is a tough one….sometimes even when you beg them…

I will soon have pockets full of these cards to pass out to everyone I meet, and then for those around me to pass out to other to 'warn' them about me…
I am thinking….we all…patients and caregivers should have pockets full of these cards…

example….as she starts talking….start passing out cards…then it is there responsibility to accept reality….but, only if they know…..

while I am waiting for mine to come in….haven't ordered them yet…..I am going to print some up on blank card stock to put in my wallet….

….please know that I feel every pain that every one of you feel with your LO's….
but, still knowing that...don't spare me…
I feel so blessed to be able to attempt to find a way to pave a way for an easier burden to be left behind for others…..
let me tell you….even this is not easy….
none of it easy….it all stinks

Craig - Patient - Male - 56 years old - Lewy Bodies diagnosed on March 23, 2011 - cognitive disorder NOS dx 2007 - RBD REM dx 2007 issues for 20+ years - intention tremor 1974 - other issues many years

Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:59 pm

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Post Re: Another Day - Another delusion
Dee Dee,
We have been through this recently with my mother. She had a fixation on kidnapping, with occasional digressions into people having fallen off the roof or the balcony, and "the building is on fire and we have to evacuate." I got kidnapped fairly regularly on my way home from their place (less than 4 miles across a peaceful college town.) She upset everyone terribly by telling the neighbors that my grandson had been kidnapped and abused, and one of the neighbors had found him and rescued him.

I don't know what meds your MIL is taking but it is very much worth discussing this with her doctors, ASAP. Our neurologist had been suggesting that she start on an atypical antipsychotic, such as seroquel (quetiapine), and I'd been lukewarm on the idea. But the kidnapping of grandson was the last straw. So we started her on seroquel, 12.5 mg at bedtime (half of a 25 mg tablet, tricky to cut the little buggers but I've gotten pretty good with the pill cutter.) Since she started maybe 3 months ago, no one has been kidnapped or fallen off the roof, and the building has only burned down once, during one of the hurricanes on the east coast when I think she was watching too many news reports. She is also sleeping better, with fewer night episodes of confusion and wakefulness.

The FDA came out with a report shortly after she started on seroquel, advising against using any of this class of drugs in very old people because of increased cardiovascular risks (she is 95). But I pulled the medical literature and concluded at that dose there was a very tiny increase in risk over next 3 years, and hey, she is 95 and has other health issues, and my dad's health also has to be considered. They've now backed off a little and listed seroquel as relatively safe.

So there are possibilities of treatment, and it is very much worth telling your doctor, especially your neurologist if you have a good one, about her delusions and hallucinations. They may be able to suggest something that will help, or at least is worth a try.

Good luck!

Laurel - mother (97) diagnosed April, 2011, with LBD; died May, 2014.

Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:31 pm
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