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 speaking English???? 
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Post speaking English????
Lately I may as well be speaking another language, Frank looks at me like I'm from Mars. If I ask him if he knows what I said he repeats words that don't exist. I find myself hesitating when I go to tell him something I found interesting, I know I'll have to repeat it at least 4-5 times, then he seem to take a couple of the words or thoughts and has a whole different story going. Sometimes with his made up story he questions me with "why" for days. Does anyone else find it difficult to have even a simple conversation with their Loved Ones?

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Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:32 pm

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Post In answer to your question
Yes, Gerry, yes. I told people several times that what I missed the most was the little interesting tid bits I learned not to share as we had always done. I wish I could give you a solution but I never found one... Mr B reacted the same as you describe and then it was back to his own little world... I followed his lead for where he felt comfortable but others believe we should keep our loved ones in the "here and now" if at all possible. Do what you think best.


Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:00 pm

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My husband too has what I call "word salad" it doesn't make any sense only to him BUT I do know he is trying to tell me something. Like today he was pointing in the corner and asking if this is where he fixes it. I finally figured out that when he points in the corner he's not tryng to actually fix something (he was a carpanter) he is wanting to know if this is where he pees.Finally I get it. Tonight he wanted a "bit". What is a bit I kept asking? He actually wanted a bite, a bite of something sweet to eat after dinner which is when we have a little bit of dessert. So in their mind they are probably wondering why WERE not speaking english! His dr. explained it this way. You might say "do you want a hamburger tonight with cheese" and his words instead of "no I want it with ketchup" will come out "give me a hot dog with a hammer". It's the disease.

Is your husband talking soft yet? Mine you can hardly hear. Oh he'll also call our friends "the kids", my sister is "mama and dad" and sometimes the potty is boom boom or a trip etc..

It's like learning a language daily, only the words yesterday are new everyday.

Take care.

Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:24 am

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Thank you for the replies. Like everyone else, this is where we can ask our questions and everyone knows exactly what you're talking about. Frank has alway talked softly. When we have company and he tries to add to the conversation, I try to ask a question or two to figure out what he's trying to say so other can reply. We will no longer travel to Florida this winter but we still attend all family gatherings. I think the next day he is completely out of it, but he can't do NOTHING to pass the time of day so joining others breaks up that day. We are trying to make our daily mile walk a prioity and I usually do a couple short errands just to get him out.
Lori, Frank was a plumber and thinks everything needs to be "fixed". It's a family business so my brother sends one of the men over to "fix" the problem, then he's content for a couple days. We must admit, life is a lot more interesting these days.

Take Care,

Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:19 am

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Gerry, I'm always amazed when you post about walking a mile or more during the day with your DH. I so wish I could do that with mine. He has such a rigid, but tentative gait & has had it for over 5 years becoming more pronounced each year. Any amount of extended walking isn't possible because he seems to tire so easily. When he's at the mall (walking :roll:) I know that he pauses to rest on the benches around the large common area. Fortunately, he's only had one fall about 2 months ago (at 3am) that only resulted in a bad abrasion on the forearm & a bruised shoulder. At the moment, we are status quo, & I'm hoping this continues for awhile. Also he will not walk around anywhere even in the house without his walking sneakers on so this is an added safety I think. He is very cautious about his movements for which I am very grateful. Dee

Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:37 am
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