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Post Hallucinations
Hi Everyone - My mom has lbd and was diagnosed 4 yrs ago. She has become more confused with the holidays here, which I expected. Christmas Day she thought she had a wedding to go to. My daughters wedding was in September. She is alternating between mass confusion and sleeping all day. Last night was a new one. She woke at 2AM yelling that she did not have her oxygen on and could not breath, she also has pulmonary fibrosis. When the aide ran in her oxygen was indeed on and she was breathing normally. Figured Mom had a bad dream. She got her up to use toilet and Mom yelled that there was water all over the floor in the bathroom, there wasn't. Aide got her calmed down and she immediately fell back to sleep. It was very frightening for our aide and Mom. Mom did remember when she woke this morning a little bit about what happened. not the actual circumstance but that she was "Acting wacky". We just told her it was a nightmare. I know hallucinations are obvious in beginning of LBD (she had some doozies), buses coming down hall, people sitting in living room, flowers on walls, etc. Did not think they would start up again?? Can anyone give me advice, are we at the beginning of the end???? Very scary. Thanks. Shelley

Sat Dec 30, 2006 8:48 am

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Dear LD, you may get tired of this, but like they say everyone is different. My mother has had LBD since September, before that she had NPH dx and before that it was AZ. We estimate that she has had LBD at least 4 years, but it may be five or six. There don't seem to be stages such as with AZ, or if there are, they are looser than with AZ. Mother had to leave her assisted living apartment because of behavior connected with hallucinations. Unfortunately, she was put on some medicine which may have accelerated her dementia at that time. Mother's hallucinations include issue regarding her oxygen. We can always tell when she starts pulling her O tube out of the tank that we are going to be in for a rough few days, and then it goes away for a while. We went almost six months with no hallucinations to speak of, but now as her memory loss seems to be accelerating again, the delusion are back with a vengance. Now she thinks she is dating one of the nurses at the skilled nursing facility she isin for rehab following breaking her leg. I think perhaps "holiday stress" is communicated by our family and the staff at the SNF facility and perhaps that has caused her to act out more. The only good thing is that she is not embarrassed about these things when she recovers as she would have been just three years ago. Are you at the beginning or the end? I don't know. I am beginning to think there is no end to this nightmare. I hate seeing our image of her being eaten away day by day. My children are losing the grandmother they loved memory by memory. I don't know what I would do without my wife who continues to provide great love and attention to my mother even when Mother is hateful and mean to her. Maybe this will help in the sense that you know that others are in the same boat.

Sun Dec 31, 2006 2:39 am

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Post Hallucinations
Hi Hardtime: What an appropriate name, this really is a hardtime. Waking every morning not knowing what condition LO will be in. Good or bad. It does help having people to talk to that are going through the same thing. This disease is so much worse than Alz., (my dad passed away 3 yrs. ago from ALZ). At least there was a slow steady decline till the end. With lbd its an up and down rollercoaster, with never ending issues. Blood pressure will soar through the roof, and you say oh my god is this the end, then down it comes and you sigh with relief???? then the next day is fine, and again you go through this over and over, so emotional and draining. With Dad I felt a heavy sadness with his decline, but at least we knew step by step what would happen, with LBD you never know. I wake up every morning, grab my coffee and run next door to check in with the overnight aides wondering if mom is ok, or something horrible is happening. Well thanks for letting me vent. I will rebound in spirits later, after the holiday let down I guess, and I am so darn tired.......Happy New Year...... Shelley

Sun Dec 31, 2006 8:29 am
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