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 Lewy and Phooey, or the Squirrel and the Crab 
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Post Re: Lewy and Phooey, or the Squirrel and the Crab
I got a check from worker's comp, too. It was actually in the 4 figures. When I called to ask if they had made a mistake, I was assured that I was due the money. Evidently I had lost 2% of the function of that ankle. And they wonder where the money goes and why things cost so much. Except for on a cold wet winter day, I never notice more than a pinprick in that ankle. I have much bigger problems now, but no one is showing up with any money for those.


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Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:02 pm

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Post Re: Lewy and Phooey, or the Squirrel and the Crab
It's Friday morning and my mom has been totally in "Lewyland" since Wed night. She's been talking to my niece, my Dad, and my nephew, who take turns sitting in the chair across from her. None of these people are here, of course,and my Dad died in 1979. She asked me once why my nieces head was on backwards(?) and I reassured her it wasn't real, and as long as my head wasn't on backwards we were okay. :P She also wants to "go home" and I had to hide her shoes last night to get her off that track. She is at home, and she isn't sure where she is when I ask her where she thinks she is.
She went into our main bathroom last night instead of her own bathroom ( with the raised toilet seat) and when she went to sit down "crashed" really hard onto the seat and hit her back on the toilet tank really hard. I was away from the house for a few minutes and my sister called the doctor on call for my mom's PCP office. Of course the on-call was the same ANP from last week, told her to take mom to the ER and " be sure to have that INR checked because she could have significant bleeding after a fall like that", so of course we set off for a trip to the hospital.
The hospital that her doctor is associated with is our area's major trauma center, so of course it gets every crime victim, drowning, car accident, etc. that happens in not only Portland but all of the really critical trauma patients for the whole state. AND the emergency room/waiting room is being remodeled. So we get mom checked in, wait 15 minutes for her to be triaged, which was fine, and then the nurse told us we'll get to you just as soon as we can. Uh-oh. After waiting for an hour and a half, being sandwiched between the ten 20somethings whose LO had been seriously injured in a race car accident, and the 10-15 very young family/friends of a near drowning victim ( and the second victim died), the two people who had been triaged before mom ( and God only knows how many of the other 50 or so people in the waiting room) hadn't been seen yet, we let the nurse know that we were leaving. My sister and I were both ready to strangle a couple of the young girls who were there who wouldn't shut up, and this one kid said f#@*k four times with my 80 year old mom sitting right in front of him in a wheelchair. I raised my children to respect their elders and while my youngest son (26 yrs old) uses very colorful language he would never talk like that in the presence of an elderly person. I know that the person was upset about his LO's situation, but it just wasn't necessary to talk like that in front of my mom or any of the other elderly people that were in the waiting room ( my mom was just the closest). I didn't want to cause a scene so I didn't say anything but there were older adults in their group that should have said something to the guy.
So we brought Mom home, she has an appointment already for her anti-coag (INR) check at 9:30 this morning, and I had a long talk with my sister about not getting too excited about Mom's falls. I try to take a "wait and see" attitude with her, as long as she can walk and isn't having a hard time breathing, it can usually wait until normal office hours, but once she called the on call doc we are kind of obligated to take their advice because I don't want to have a bunch of non-compliant's on Mom's chart and have them turn me in for elder neglect or something. I know that her own doctor knows she's taken care of but the other docs in the practice don't know us and you never know who's on call until you call.
After the discussion about ER's on this forum, I've also decided that from now on we're going to the other Legacy hospital in our area. She doesn't see her own doctor even if she's admitted, they are all on the same computer system, and they don't see anywhere near the volume of patients as the one we went to last night. And we're calling an ambulance........that keeps us all out of the waiting room! 8)

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Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:37 am
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